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The Lincoln Street Neighborhood - yesterday and today

Williams House - 37 Lincoln Street

The Williams house was built in 1870 and was the first house on Lincoln Street. It currently has a demolition permit pending.

Nash Houses

This row of four Queen Anne style houses at 2-20 Lincoln Street were built by local builder Edward Nash c1899. The corner towers are an unusual architectural feature.


The Clear House (1851) and Kellog House (1883) on Riverside Avenue


Lincoln St from Post Road 100 years ago. All the houses in this picture still exist!

Kellog House

The Kellog House (1883) at 76 Riverside was restored in 2014 and received an award.

Clear House

If this application is approved the backdrop to the Clear House (1851) at 68 Riverside Ave will be a 5 storey appartment block towering to above the current tree heights

Larsen house

98 Riverside Avenue - restored in 2010

Arde House - 25 Lincoln Street

The Arde House was built in 1915 in a contemporary style for the period.

Safety issues in the Lincoln Street neighborhood


Four school bus stops in this neighborhood on narrow roads


Traffic congestion will only get worse with resulting safety risks


The Riverside Avenue families have icepacks at the ready for the next accident


Cars pushing through pedestrians on the crossing. A frequent occurence at this junction of Post Road West and CT33 / Riverside Ave.

Cross Street gouges

Cross Street will become crosser! It wll be the principal cut through for cars trying to head West out of the complex. Steep, narrow, uneven, with school bus stop on the road and poor visibility onto Riverside Avenue. See the gouges?

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