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About Us

Residents living on the West Side of the Saugatuck River affected by Cross Street LLC's proposal to construct an 81-unit rental apartment complex have formed an organization called "Westport Neighbors United LLC."

The goal of Westport Neighbors is straightforward: stop this massive apartment project by convincing Town Planning and Zoning officials that the sheer size, scope and location chosen for this project are simply the WRONG housing solution for this historic part of Westport.

Riverside Avenue, Post Road West, Kings Highway, and various cross streets such as Ludlow, Lincoln, and Burr are neighborhoods of predominantly early American homes, many from the late 18th and early 19th centuries, and make up a significant portion of Westport's antique housing heritage.

The plans for this rental apartment complex were announced in March. The project, given the name of "The Westport Residences," will use several acres of land bordered by Lincoln, Post Road West and Cross Street. Their proposal will create 81 one- and two- bedroom apartments, with the structure rising to a height of 65+ feet towering over neighboring homes, and rely on various 8.30g affordable housing regulations to ignore or override many sensible town zoning regulations.


To be crystal clear: Westport Neighbors United LLC is not fighting affordable housing or 8.30g. We are against inappropriate locations for 8.30g. Period.

Those who support Westport Neighbors United LLC have many concerns, foremost among them being the safety of residents and visitors traveling to this area of town. The site is the location of two schools, two child care centers, Assumption Church, one Synagogue, and the Westport Arts Center. People driving alongside Riverside Avenue or any of the other roads of streets nearby are already burdened with heavy traffic. This is of course exacerbated during school drop off or pick up times, and during times when the church or Synagogue have their services.

The intersection where most roads seem to lead, Wilton Road and Post Road West, is one of the worst in the State. It is a natural pathway connecting Interstate 95 with the Merritt Parkway. This project, if constructed as planned, will worsen an already bad situation.

We hope you will visit our website regularly for updates and for ideas on how you can lend your voice to the challenges we are facing. This is a Town of Westport issue, not a NIMBY issue, and at stake is the historic nature of Westport. PLEASE consider contributing by accessing our "Donate" button above.


Thank you!

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