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Why are we asking for donations?

The developer, Cross Street LLC, and their investors are taking advantage of Connecticut State Law 8-30g, that allows them to disregard local planning and zoning laws provided their develoment plans has an appropriate quota of affordable housing.

Westport Town has a long history of supporting affordable housing but unfortunately this law ignores the many investments made by the town historically, and additionally gives the developer carte blanche to erect buildings that can decimate the character of a neighborhood. 

Fortunately the law does protect us from developments that introduce unacceptable health, safety and environmental, and this particularly project has many such issues. However the case has to be made for these risks by qualified professionals, which requires funding to cover their fees. 

In addition we need fliers, yard signs, and a full schedule of events and rallies to maintain awareness of this issue.

Please consider a donation. While sizable checks are important, every bit helps and your support, added to others, will get us over our fundraising goal.


Clicking on the "Donate" button will take you to our Paypal account page where you can make a donation using your credit card, or direct from your Paypal account if you have one.

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